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Researcher with proven track record. Skilled in Policy Analysis, Strategic Planning, Research, Capacity Building, and Teaching. Strong business development professional studying for an MPhil in Development Studies at the Department of International Development at Oxford University.

Author of two personal books(forthcoming 2021 and 2022 respectively): “From Gokwe to Oxford: The Girl Who Dared to Dream” and “Included yet Excluded:" The journey of a Black African Girl in Oxford

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“From Gokwe to Oxford: The girl who Dared to Dream”

My story isn’t the main story here. Yours is! The one God wrote and is writing for you. My story, and the grace I saw and still see shining in my life will hopefully provide you evidence that God does indeed have a will for everybody. It doesn’t matter if where you are right now doesn’t reflect where you ” know” you must go. He remains able to change your narrative in a flash, and for that,-even the difficult times precluding the good- we give Him Glory.

Petronella Munhenzva Foundation

In December 2020, I went back home to Zimbabwe. While I was there, I went to Gokwe, where I was born and spent the first 18 years of my life. I went to every school where I had learned, sat in the chairs I had sat in, and spoke with the teachers who had once taught me.

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