From Gokwe to Oxford: The Girl Who Dared to Dream is an inspirational book that chronicles the journey of a girl who grew up in rural Zimbabwe in a place called Gokwe. It tells the journey of her life, growing up and learning at some of the country’s worst schools without books, desks or adequate infrastructure but despite all that, making it to Oxford University. The book is for people that fall short of society’ specific standards for success, who are at a disadvantage yet are trying to make it. It is for people that need hope and a glimmer of light, who need to believe through just one more day, especially as we are in very uncertain times.

It is now more than ever that we need to be reminded that God’s eye sees us as if we were the only one in existence, and His mercy can shepherd us from the darkness as thick as the deep night if we only keep hold of His promise to do so. She wrote this book when she got to Oxford, and the most common question she was asked was how she had managed to come straight from Africa and study at Oxford. Also, being the only black graduate student at her college, every conversation she had  was about “how lucky she was…,” or “She must be brilliant.” or “Her father must be an elite in Africa, a politician, a minister or a king in some African kingdom.”


Consistently she realized that the path to success was not linear and that the system around it naturally excluded a particular group of people. She decided to tell her story and motivate girls growing up like her in Africa and anyone in an impossible situation. They can achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams despite their background, bank balance or social standing.

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